Hangzhou Kaijie Membrane Separation Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a domestic R & D, production, design, sales, after-sales service in one of the membrane separation of high-tech enterprises.Our company has long been engaged in a number of separate development and application of membrane research, professional and technical personnel, a high level of R & D team to provide powerful technical support for the development of high performance membrane products, with reliable quality assurance manufacturing equipment and advanced technology for high performance membrane products, sales and professional services team to provide full personalized service for the customers.

Polypropylene(PP) hollow fiber membrane produced by imported pp as raw material, hollow membrane wire drawing pore forming process, in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, electrophoresis paint recycling and environmental protection industries such as gas / liquid, liquid / liquid, liquid / solid separation and enrichment process of material is widely used.Our company has the ability of production of modified PS, PE, PVDF, PVC, PTFE hollow fiber membrane, hollow fiber development and production of UF, degassing membrane / membrane contactor(X50 / X40 close gas type membrane silk),membrane bioreactor MBR membrane, waste acid / alkali UF, concentration and separation membrane, RO pretreatment - CMF/CUF membrane, concentrated electrophoresis paint, chemical waste separation and recovery of membrane and membrane separation device has been widely used in China, has a well-known company.In the reverse osmosis equipment (RO), UF equipment, electrophoresis paint UF equipment, nanofiltration equipment (NF), RO pretreatment CMF/CUF continuous ultra microfiltration equipment, various material concentration and filtration separation equipment, membrane bioreactor, oxygen in water, carbon dioxide membrane equipment, have rich practical experience in engineering LED tail gas recovery - gas system, ammonia separation recycling equipment and printing and dyeing wastewater / electroplating waste water / leachate and other advanced membrane treatment recovery etc.

On June 20,2013,Our Company invest about 15 million RMB to purchase 16# factory ,536#Shunfeng Road,Qianjiang Economic Development Area, Hangzhou,Zhejiang,China,to become a more professional R & D and manufacturing and equipment UF membrane components, production and service enterprise, our company is committed to become the industry leader of domestic professional R & D and production of membrane components and equipment.

二、The main products and the scope of use.

1、RO, NF pretreatment, CMF continuous microfiltration membrane element /CUF continuous UF membrane element and equipment.
2、Biological agents filtration, concentration and membrane method extraction process, concentration and separation of tea beverage, polysaccharide, fermentation, enzyme reagent, sodium heparin, chondroitin sulfate, fruit juice, polypeptide, amino acids, sugars, enzymes, proteins, and other materials reagent.
3、Endotoxin, pyrogen removing, sterile water filtration UF membrane, and the system equipment of natural mountain spring, mineral water,RO water,etc.
4、Electrophoresis paint recycling concentrated ultrafiltration membrane module and equipment.
5、Detachable type ultrafiltration membrane (can be used for particle type high turbidity wastewater).
6、Degassing membrane (imported X40/X50 close gas type degassing membrane).
7、Separation and clarification of plant, animal extract serum etc.
8、Wine, soy sauce, vinegar, fermented liquid, waste liquid and waste solvent, waste acid liquor industry recovery and purification of membrane filtration sterilization, and systems engineering.
9、The anti-pollution type oil-water separation membrane, the external MBR membrane element and equipment.
10、Sewage treatment special membrane bioreactor system and MBR membrane element/MBR shade type membrane element.
11、Ammonia nitrogen, iodine nitrogen separation membrane module and equipment in the wastewater.
12、Gas separation membrane: LED ammonia gas membrane separation and recovery, and oxygen and nitrogen gas separation.
13、Material concentration and nanofiltration membrane and system.
14、Membrane treatment engineering of printing and dyeing wastewater, electroplating wastewater, landfill leachate etc.