• Membrane bioreactor is the new wastewater treatment system that the organic combination of membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology ..Using the membrane separation equipment entrap activated sludge and solid in aerobic tank.
  • MF is a kind of membrane separation process that may realize the automatic control, through the modular design, so that the membrane filtration system for continuous water without affecting the operation of the system.
  • Degassing membrane (X50/X40 close gas membrane silk) technology is a new type of gas / liquid membrane separation process,By vacuum pumping, vacuum pumping+N2 method,the O2 removal rate is greater than 95%/99% in water,by method of blowing gas can make the CO2 removal rate is more than 95% in water,The users can also use series method to further improve the degassing effect.
  • According to the different molecular weight cut-off (PS/PP/PVDF) ,concentration and separation of enzyme reagent, polysaccharide, dulcin, bio fermentation preparations, Chinese medicine, proteins and other materials,not only no environmental pollution, save manpower, material resources, but also no heating, running at normal temperature, without destroying the structure…
  • Waste acid-alkali, chlorine alkali type X50/X80 elastic high strength polypropylene (PP) / PTFE (PTFE) hollow fiber UF membrane has the mechanical performance, strong resistant to acid and alkali, strong anti-pollution ability, filtering accuracy of 0.05~0.1 μm, so it is the best selection that the filtration and concentration of waste acid, spent lye, waste solvent and chlorine alkali.
  • 1.Concentration of permeate liquor:0.5~1ppm. 2. Filter time:25 hours( lifetime:about 2 years). 3.Filter type:Whole solution through filtering(Only allowed to discharge the permeate liquor,must not discharge wastewater)
  • Our company can according to user needs, provides various of membrane area and highly resistant to electrophoresis paint solvent corrosion of Yin, anodic electrophoretic paint recycling UF membrane module and electrophoresis paint recycling equipment
  • Detachable type UF membrane is different from other UF membranes:after a lot of chemical cleaning and recoil , the effect is not well, to take down the stainless steel shell, the silks in inside of the UF membrane are be manual to clean to achieve the goal of restoring.
  • [ Water-quality standard]The effluent quality meets.The effluent water quality is high up to 18.5M Ω· cm.
  • The system includes the RO host,the pretreatment and the post-treatment,using the principle of reverse osmosis to remove the organic matter, heavy metal, chemical compounds, bacteria in water, removal rate of more than 99%, the water in line with the national standards for purified water.