The technolog y and cases of concentration and separation UF membrane
(1)According to the different molecular weight cut-off (PS/PP/PVDF) ,concentration and separation of enzyme reagent, polysaccharide, dulcin, bio fermentation preparations, Chinese medicine, proteins and other materials,not only no environmental pollution, save manpower, material resources, but also no heating, running at normal temperature, without destroying the structure of the material, ensure material original flavor quality, energy saving.Our companys concentration and separation UF membrane has been widely used in domestic engineering projects of different material liquid,and developed a large number of methods to separate the different material liquid.

The membrane separation system of sterilization and purification of fermentation liquid, traditional chinese medicine

Enzyme reagent, biological preparation concentrate separation membrane system

Tea beverage, sauce, vinegar, wine ,amino acid filtration membrane system

The medicine-wine, fruit wine, soy products category concentration and filtration membrane system

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(2) The concentration and separation technology of 100~5000 dalton molecular weight liquid ,with the imported aromatic polyamide composite membrane to concentrate and separate kinds of amino acids, herbs, tea drink, fruit juice, biological agents, chemical reagents, peptides and other small molecular weight material,concentration effect can reach more than 15 times,and the service life is quite long, and acid and alkali resistance, the molecular weight cut-off ,such as 100,200~300,500~600, easy to recover the flux after cleaning.

Amino acids, Chinese herbal concentrationn membrane system

Nanofiltration desalination membrane separation system