The technology and cases of electrophoretic paint UF membrane
Our company can according to user needs, provides various of membrane area and highly resistant to electrophoresis paint solvent corrosion of Yin, anodic electrophoretic paint recycling UF membrane module and electrophoresis paint recycling equipment, alsao can design, manufacture, install the complete set of the electrophoretic paint UF system.Guarantee the quality and good after-sales service.The difference with other membrane in electrophoretic paint recovery with imported X50 type PP hollow fiber membrane (such as traditional PS,PVDF,. Cellulose acetate, etc.):Has the advantages of high strength, acid and alkali resistance, electrophoresis paint solvents resistance, good performance of temperature, pore uniformity of unit area, big flux etc.;Interception rate is high, the ultrafiltrate is clear and transparent; strong ability of anti pollution, long time running water production does not damage reduction; long service life, good price, has been used in more than 400 domestic electrophoretic paint equipment intermediate manufacturers.

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2400L/H electrophoresis paint recycling system

1000L/H electrophoresis paint recycling system