The technology and cases of detachable type UF membrane
Detachable type UF membrane is different from other UF membranes:after a lot of chemical cleaning and recoil , the effect is not well, to take down the stainless steel shell, the silks in inside of the UF membrane are be manual to clean to achieve the goal of restoring.
Scope of application: Fruit and vegetable juice, herbal wine, grinding wastewater, electroplating wastewater,salt water of ammonia alkali industry, mining wastewater etc.Filtration and separation of high turbidity, high grain impurity liquid, salted egg liquid , bean liquid, electrophoresis paint waste water , desalination processing and external type MBR system.
Advantage: It’s simple and easy to replace the UF membrane, low cost ,when the UF membrane are seriously polluted,we can remove the shell and thorough clean the membrane silks

 10t/h Fruit wine ultrafiltration system.

Detachable cleaning type UF membrane and the internal filter

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20t/h-Tea beverage ultrafiltration system