The technology and cases of continuous UF membrane(CMF)
CMF is a kind of membrane separation process that may realize the automatic control,through the modular design, so that the membrane filtration system for continuous water without affecting the operation of the system.Kaijie Membrane company provides CMF membrane element, combined with the excellent mechanical properties of imported PP, using the international advanced water backwashing combined the technology of gas scrubbing and cross flow process;Can be used as RO, NF membrane pretreatment equipment, also water for RO, NF,the SDI≤2, greatly extend the service life of RO, NF membrane element, ensure the long time running of RO, NF membrane system. Reducing the RO, NF pretreatment equipment and cost of the system. The occupied area is small, and easy to realize automatic control systems.

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17000t/d boiler feedwater CMF membrane system

30000t/d the Yellow River water CUF membrane system

5600t/d Chemical industry wastewater CMF membrane system

2000t/d Photovoltaic industry CUF membrane system

(The X50 elastic anti-pollution UF membrane is widely used in the RO pretreatment.Such as,In July,2012,Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.;In April, 2011,Xian Aircraft International Corporation;In November,2010,China Airborne Missile Academy;In January,2013,Zhengzhou Aircraft Equipment Co., Ltd.;In March,2013,Tianjin Aerospace Long March Rocket Manufacturing Co. Ltd.;In December,2013,Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd. ;In January,2014,Aviation Industry Corporation of China; )