RO pure water and purified water equipment
Purified water system equipment adopts two-stage RO or RO+ ion exchange process,can be divided into RO system and the pretreatment and post-treatment,using the RO principle to remove the organic matter, bacteria, heavy metal, chemical compounds in water,the removal rate is above 99%, and the water in line with the national standards for purified water.

Introduction of purified water equipment
① pretreatment
1. Traditional process consists of mechanical filter, activated carbon filter and security filters.
2. The latest technology consists of mechanical filter, security filters and UF system.
② RO system
1. High pressure pump and RO membrane.
2.Level 1 RO and secondary RO.
③Precision processing system
1. Ion exchange and microporous filter
2. EDI and microporous filter
④The sterilization system
There are mainly the ultraviolet radiation sterilization and ozone sterilization,widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, biological preparation plant, electronics, coating, electroplating, chemical, pharmaceutical, food etc.

70T/H Beer industry water treatment equipment

80T/H UF+RO system

10T/H Pharmaceutical factory purified water system