The use and appearance of hollow fiber UF membrane
1、RO, NF pretreatment (X50 Anti-pollution elastic membrane) CMF/CUF continuous ultrafiltration membrane and equipment;
2、Corrosion resistance electrophoretic paint UF membrane (X50 Anti-pollution elastic membrane) and electrophoretic paint UF system equipment;
3、Alcohol filtration UF membrane module(X80 Anti-pollution elastic membrane)
4、Concentration separation membrane(X50 Anti-pollution elastic membrane/Modified PS)and UF system equipment;
5、Purification of amino acids UF membrane module(X50 Anti-pollution elastic membrane);
6、Sterile water purification;Pyrogen, endotoxin removal UF membrane(X50 Anti-pollution elastic membrane/Modified PS);
7、X50 spring type KJ-ESUF9050 wastewater treatment UF membrane;
8、Detachable type UF membrane is suitable for high turbidity, high particulate, high viscosity material liquid.
9、X80 oil-water separation UF membrane in the engine room;
10、Household water filter and filter element;
11、Membrane bioreactor (MBR) and membrane element;
12、Concentration, desalination and purification type spiral UF membrane and NF membrane;
13、X50 spring type anti pollution ,concentration and desalination of salted egg white UF membrane;
14、PVDF/PVC alloy composite hollow fiber UF membrane and MBR membrane element;
15、Chondroitin sulfate, electrophoresis paint UF membrane and system equipmen
16、External type membrane bioreactor membrane module on ship (WMBR);
17、Membrane and system equipment of recycling printing and dyeing wastewater, electroplating wastewater and garbage leachate, etc;

6040、8040、8050 type membrane shape

Detachable type stainless steel UF membrane

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4040、4050、5040、5050 type membrane shape

5040、5050 type stainless steel UF membrane shape

9050 type elastic type UF membrane

UF250、200、180 type PVDF membrane