Submerged ultrafiltration membrane (SUF)

The submerged ultrafiltration membrane system adopts the following: 1. Open type external pressure ultrafiltration membrane module 2. Curtain type ultrafiltration membrane module. It is fully immersed in the membrane tank, through the liquid level pressure difference combined with suction pump negative pressure suction production, membrane components replace the traditional coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and other processes, widely used in municipal tap water quality upgrading, Municipal Reclaimed Water and reclaimed water reuse, river metallurgy, industrial wastewater reuse, seawater desalination and other fields.

Main membrane materials of submerged ultrafiltration membrane: the PVDF nano alloy + PET hollow fiber membrane developed by using the network structure technology formed by a variety of composite materials and special nano materials, has the characteristics of good anti pollution performance, large flux, smooth internal and external surface of membrane wire, high relative strength, and good recovery of cleaning flux.

1. Introduction to parameters of submerged column ultrafiltration membrane module:

Model KJ-SUF6050-PVDF KJ-SUF6050-PP
Performance Membrane type S ubmerged column ultrafiltration membrane module
Max.influent turbidity <20NTU
Max.influent particle <100μm
Turbidity of produced water <0.5NTU/<0.2NTU
Specifications Type External pressure type
Type of membrane filament PVDF PP
Intercepted molecular weight(Dalton) 80~100 thousand /50~80 thousand
Relative membrane area 20m2 80m2
Size(mm) Long:1295X Diameter:165  (Maximum:280)
Membrane Filament inner / outer diameter 2.2~2.4mm 0.38/0.48mm
Conditions of use Design flux Deep well water 1.2m3/h
Surface water 0.9m3/h
treated wastewater 0.6m3/h
Max. transmembrane pressure difference 0.10Mpa/ 0.35Mpa
Tolerance concentration of residual chlorine 5000ppm/100ppm
PH 1~12/0~14
Online cleaning mode Water backwashing combined with air scrubbing
Process conditions Backwash pressure 0~0.10Mpa 0~0.30Mpa
Backwash flow: Design flux 1.5~2.5 (Advice 2.0)
Design suction pressure -0.10Mpa~0
Backwash inlet gas volume 60~100m3/h·m2
Chemical cleaning chemicals HCl、NaClO+0.2%NaOH mixed liquid HCl、NaOH

2.Submerged curtain type ultrafiltration membrane module

Parameter Model KJ-SUF-13 KJ-SUF2-13 KJ-SUF4390A KJ-SUF3290A KJ-SUF2590A-32
KJ-SUF-17 KJ-SUF2-17
Deep well water 0.7t/h 0.7t/h 2.5t/h 1.9t/h 1.9t/h
1.0t/h 1.0t/h
Surface water 0.55t/h 0.55t/h 1.9t/h 1.45t/h 1.45t/h
0.75 t/h 0.75 t/h
Treated wastewater 0.38t/h 0.38t/h 1.28t/h 1.0t/h 1.0t/h
0.5t/h 0.5t/h
Note: the above data are calculated by practical experience, which should be adjusted according to the actual situation.
Size:W x L (mm) 655X1550 575X1550 1300X2000 1300X1510 1250X2000
655x2050 575X2050
Outlet type DN15 Internal thread DN15 Internal thread DN20 Internal thread DN20 Internal thread DN15“U" Plug in type
Effective membrane area (m2) 12.75 12.75 43.6 32.5 32.5
17.30 17.30
Membrane material PVDF
Filtration 0.1um 0.1um 0.1um 0.1um 0.1(0.4) um
External diameter 2.2~2.4mm
PH 1-12
Typical process conditions Operation mode Negative pressure suction
Max.transmembrane pressure difference -0.08MPa
Max. backwash pressure 0.1MPa
Chemical disinfectant NaClO
Chemical cleaning agent Citric acid、NaOH、NaClO
Note: the technical parameters in the table are factory inspection values under standard conditions or calculated values from practical experience. Since different conditions and water quality will produce different effects, the values in this table are only for design reference;