Membrane method electroplating wastewater deep treatment recycling
一、Kaijie Membrane company mainly uses the method of combined "chemical neutralization precipitation" and "membrane method" .Firstly,electroplating wastewater is collected to the middle tank after the chemical neutralization precipitation, under the action of the pump, through the mechanical filter, activated carbon filter, bag filter, the X50 elastic anti-pollution UF system, removing the SS of no completely chemical precipitation, particulate matter, colloid, part of the COD, etc,after UF system outlet, then enter the RO system,water (conductivity <100us/cm2, far better than the standards for tap water) can be directly used in the production line,the high concentration metal ion water after concentration of RO to return to the chemical neutralization sedimentation tank and recycling process, to achieve the purpose of"0" emission.

Membrane method electroplating wastewater recycling treatment system

Assembled in 80T/H electroplating wastewater UF system

二、Concentrating nickel plating, copper electroplating wastewater in electroplating tank,the electroplating wastewater (concentration of nickel ion reaches about 20~30g/L, the concentration of copper ion can reach about 15g/L) can be used to reflux to the plating tank.The content of nickel in water is extremely low, it can be used as cleaning water.Not only to achieve the "0" emission, but also achieve the goal of recovery of nickel ion, copper ion.

The membrane menthod plating nickel, copper wastewater recycling system