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  • Degassing membrane is divided into large flow degassing membrane and internal pressure type degassing membrane,and using the technology of KJ-Membrane degassing membrane, can be easily removed O2 to below 5ppb , the CO2 removal to below 1ppm.
  • Using the way of dilute acid in adsorption, can make the ammonia nitrogen removal rate above 98%,if using this method need to improve the PH value of wastewater as much as possible.(Adding alkali in the operation , alkaline quantity is proportional to the ammonia nitrogen removal...)
  • By using velocity difference of different gas through the membrane,Through the fast speed part gathered at the sides of the membrane, through the slow parts gathered at the side of inlet.Using gas react with some kind of absorption solution for recycling process,when the waste gas enter into the gas separation membrane,the gas to be treated through the membrane wall hole...
  • Gas filtration precision:0.1~0.2μm,Application:Gas purification、oil removal in the gas and remove particles larger than 0.2 microns in diameter in the gas ( PM0.2)
  • KJ-PMBR series flat membrane module is produced by the membrane, guide cloth and deflector by ultrasonic welding machine,and at the top of the deflector is provided with a water outlet.Self suction pump in operation,activated sludge in membrane bioreactor is blocked in the reactor,under negative pressure, thus the membrane filtration.