30000T/D China aluminum the second phase ultrafiltration membrane successfully replaced
RELEASE TIME:2014-03-28 21:34:00

Corporation a branch of China Aluminum ,the second phase 30000T/D the Yellow River water treatment project, RO pre treatment of ultrafiltration membrane replacement details:

Original ultrafiltration system: the design of water production: 30000T/D, is divided into 7 sets of ultra filtration system, the design of a single set of water content: 180T/H. After a period of Chinese aluminum 17000T/D boiler water supply project, using CUF membrane of Kaijie membrane company, long-term stability, the final confirmation of the two phase of the project and replaced by X50 elastic Kaijie membrane ultrafiltration membrane.

Before the membrane replacement:

1. Using a German company 12 inch membrane module (diameter: 310mm, length: 1308mm), a single membrane design flux: 4T/H, 7 sets of ultrafiltration system using a total of 308 membrane modules.

2. In the initial operation, according to the operator, the numerical value of the on-line monitoring system for the ultra filtration system is 0.02

After replacing the Kaijie Membrane X50 UF membrane:

1. Using the UF membrane of Kaijie Membrane company X50 elastic UF membrane KJ-ESUF9050 (diameter 180mm, length 1405mm), single membrane design flux: 2T/H, 7 sets of ultrafiltration system used a total of 616 membrane elements.

2. In the initial operation, the numerical value of the on-line monitoring system for the ultra filtration system is 0(The accuracy of the computer test is as follows: 0.005).

3. Replacement of the total value of the membrane element is 1/5 of the original replacement of the total price.

After the transformation, the operation process is as follows: raw water, 50 μm filter, X50 elastic anti fouling CUF ultra filtration system, RO  system, water production

Ultra filtration membrane system after Kaijie membrane replacement