KaiJie Membrane company buyed new factory and gotmembrane pollution permits
RELEASE TIME:2016-08-27 21:41:00

In September 2004 ,our company began producing membrane products, due to the expansion of the scale, in 2013 a total investment of 18.8317 million (including the purchase of plant investment of about 15 million yuan, the new production of membrane production line investment of about 3.8317, in June 2013 to purchase Hangzhou Qianjiang Economic Development Zone along the road No. 536 Hangzhou energy and environmental Industrial Park No. 16 building. Development Zone standard sewage treatment plant and the roof with solar energy saving facilities etc.. The company in September 2013 in the new plant production equipment, in June 2014 to move into the new plant and production test,In August 2014 the factory waste water, waste gas treatment facilities by the Environmental Protection Bureau acceptance, and waste water, waste gas, noise emissions indicators are far superior to the national standard. Company's new plant  was officially received "Hangzhou pollutant emission permit" in August 15, 2014