KayJie Membrane is participate in the 2014 Shanghai International Water Exhibition
RELEASE TIME:2014-06-29 21:38:00

During 25~27th, June ,2014, our company was participate in the Shanghai international water treatment exhibition and membrane technology exhibition, the company focused on the three major products:

Large flow (external pressure large flow membrane degassing degassing membrane)

And show the effects of degassing, degassing membrane test equipment at the scene that the water to be treated for the Shanghai city tap water, to be degassed water for circulation, open the pump and vacuum pump, DO observation instrument, 30~50 seconds, value is "0"

CUF/CMF ultrafiltration membrane

At the exhibition site, the focus is on display of the detachable type and disassembly mode, and the operation mode and a large number of applications of X50 elastic ultrafiltration membrane in wastewater treatment are demonstrated.

MBR module:

Emphasis is focused on the PVDF membrane (KJ-MBR-11-PVDF/KJDF3890A) as well as the KJ-ESMBR-SH49 membrane  module of the PE+PP hybrid material.