Deoxidizing membrane| decarbonation membrane | 66 t/h decarbonation membrane system

A water treatment company in hebei province in 2005 May undertake the 66 T/H degassing membrane system project for level between reverse osmosis and EDI, using our X50 close gas type high degassing rate embedded encapsulation degassing membrane, type KJ - SH7X28MB, single film design flux: 3.0 T/H, number 44 branch, every 22 a parallel array further series. In the operation of the outgassing rate is to stay above 99%, EDI resistance rate basically maintain in 18 M Ω above, stop to take off the gas membrane system, EDI resistance rate at about 5.5 M Ω. The basic process is as follows:

Pretreatment →Level 1 reverse osmosis→ Intermediate tank → Booster pump → Level 1 stud type outflow staggered type degassing membrane →Secondary stud type outflow staggered type degassing membrane →EDI system →(outflow staggered type degassing membrane do not produce loss of pressure)