Sewage treatment hollow membrane | 17000 tons/day a branch of China aluminum CUF

A branch of aluminum corporation of China 17000 tons/day of boiler make-up water treatment projects, the source water from the Yellow River water pollution, turbidity higher, engineering concrete operation process is as follows:Raw water - Quartz sand filter - X50 anti fouling type CUF ultrafiltration system - RO reverse osmosis system - the user. Quartz sand。This project has been in February 2008 has completely finish testing, the operation is very normal.The project by a water treatment engineering company general contracting, including X50 anti fouling type CUF ultrafiltration system by HangZhou Fine Filtratione Membrane company contract, CUF ultrafiltration system is divided into six sets of single control system, each CUF ultrafiltration system with 66 a total KJ - ESUF9050 membrane element, a single set of water rate for 125 t/H, 2 sets of air water combination backwashing system.A total of six sets of aggregate with 396 branch KJ - ESUF9050 membrane element, the six sets of total water rate: 740 t/H (17000 tons/day), in SDI water for 8 ~ 12 conditions, SDI water are as follows: 1 # unit was 0.4; 2 # unit was 0.8; 3 # unit was 0.35; 4 # unit was 0.4; 5 # unit was 0.9; 6 # unit is 0.6.

KJ - ESUF9050 membrane element introduction:

1. The film wire type: X50 anti fouling high elastic membrane silk
2. Single pure water flux: 8.0 ~ 10 t/h
3. Membrane structure: external pressure type joint double guide decompression structure
4. Encapsulation: strengthening special continuous glue way