20t/h;40t/h Instant tea membrane separation system

In February-April 2016, The transformation of instant tea equipment to increase production for two largest manufacturer f instant tea in Zhejiang province:

The project of 20T/H instant tea membrane separation system in Longyou Quzhou Zhejiang province,membrane separation system used 40 pieces of 304 Stainless steel detachable ultrafiltration membranes,the model is KJ-ESUF9050D,each membrane module water flux is 6.5~8.0T/H, instant tea design flux is 440~800L/H. Pipe use sanitary grade 304 stainless steel.

Special features of membrane separation systemsm:1.Using 304 Stainless steel detachable ultrafiltration membrane,the advantage: After many times of chemical cleaning, cleaning effect is not good, can quickly take out the membrane ultrafiltration membrane module for manual cleaning to restore.2. The replacement of the ultrafiltration membrane is simple and easy, and only need to replace the membrane core, the replacement cost is low.

The project of 40T/H instant tea membrane separation system in Songyang,Zhejiang province, Membrane separation system use a total of 100 pieces of X50 anti-pollution type ultrafiltration membrane and the model is KJ-ESUF9050, single pure water flux: 6.5~8.0t/h, single membrane instant tea design flux: 440~800L/h.